PURPOSEFOODS® culture (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086) has long-term safety data and over 25 published papers demonstrating its digestive health, immune health and protein utilisation benefits. No other strain has the same attributes, and the data that supports claims associated with PURPOSEFOODS® culture provides confidence in the efficacy of our cultured tea.  


PURPOSEFOODS® culture, combined with one serving of protein per day, has been shown to increase the absorption of 23 important amino acids over the baseline compared to protein intake without the strain.

Over 25 published, clinical, pre-clinical and biomarker research papers include a wide range of consumers: Families and children, athletes and active people, older adults, health conscious people.

Research supports PURPOSEFOODS® culture ability to help support the following benefits. Below you will find a few highlighted studies. 


A large majority of the body’s immune system is located within the intestines. When PURPOSEFOODS® culture is consumed daily, it creates a healthier intestinal environment, supporting immune function.
In addition to clinical work showing digestive and immune support, studies has also shown that PURPOSEFOODS® culture enhances the body’s ability to efficiently utilise protein, making our cultured tea an excellent choice for in accordance with exercise and meal plans.