About Us

Purpose Foods is an innovative company passionate about making healthy and delicious foods that will assist you in your daily activities as well as promoting a healthy digestive system. 



Born and raised in Norway surrounded by mountains and lakes, Nina has always had a great appreciation for everything natural. She fully believes that nature has equipped us with everything we might need to heal our bodies and minds.
After having suffered from IBS for several years, as well as being intolerant to gluten & dairy, Nina spent a great deal of time trying to find food she could eat, without causing great discomfort. Having little success she returned her hand to production.
Nina focused on creating snacks that would promote a healthy gut, and with numerous alterations and developments along the way, she finally ended up with Purpose Bars.
After successfully relieving common IBS symptoms eating purpose bars and dramatically improving her life as a result, she discovered her purpose. Nina wanted to share her gut friendly snacks with the world and help other people in the same situation.
Not only is Nina a firm believer in a balanced diet, but also understands first hand the negative effect stress can have on the digestive system and overall health. She, therefore, wanted to create healthy & delicious 'on the go snacks' for different occasions that would take the stress away from preparing meals.​
We hope you find our products as useful and delicious as we do.